Friday, November 9, 2012

Cookies of Wisdom

Ever since I got serious about The Novel, I started paying attention to fortune cookie fortunes. Yes, it's stupid, like being in a new relationship and suddenly every song on the radio has to do with you and your boyfriend... anyway, here's proof that sometimes I get girlie about stuff:

Creepy-awesome fortunes. Click for full experience.

I'm rather proud of my little collection. And you've got to agree some of these are suspiciously appropriate, especially the 'Never stop' one I read after tonight's venture to Szechuan Panda.

Okay maybe they're random. But hey, I'll take every bit of encouragement I can find.


  1. I really like the fortunes that give a piece of wisdom that can be applied directly to life. The ones that sound like a crystal ball premonition are fun, but have no substance to build on.

    1. I think I've only had one in the last year that was really off, like, it couldn't apply to anything. Something like, 'eat a kiwi.' (I didn't)



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