Thursday, December 15, 2011

73 workshops... 4 weeks... no problem

What I'm reading now: Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
The random thing that's been stuck in my head for three days:

My four-week hiatus from The Novel ends this Saturday. My new sci-fi novel has done a pretty good job distracting me (I'm 94 pages in), but I'm very excited to get back into my first book. First a full read-through, forcing myself not to make any changes and just mark places where the pacing gets funky or something sounds off (read: mission impossible). Then another round of edits to correct those.

A couple weeks ago I planned to use the next month to go through the workshops in Mr. Maass' Breakout Novelist. I originally thought there were only 36. So I figured, two a day should bring me about flush with my deadline to get the draft to Ms. Chavez by January 15th for editing.

Then I read through another section of his book, and realized there aren't 36. There are 73.

If you don't see me for the next month, now you know why.

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