Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pikes Peak Writer's Conference 2012

What I'm reading now: Black, by Ted Dekker

Well, I've done it. Taken the plunge. Put my money where my mouth is, and I'm registered to go to the 2012 Pikes Peak Writer's Conference! I've preregistered for both a pitch session and an appointment, and though I won't know for sure if I get an appointment until it gets closer to the event, slots are assigned based on registration date so I think I've got a good shot at getting my first choices. We'll see, I guess! These are my three possibilities (in no particular order):

Lou Anders
Hugo award winning editor at Pyr Books, sci fi/fantasy fanatic and he's also an art director - sweet!

Kristin Nelson
A Denver-based agent and avid blogger. She always has great advice for both published and non-published authors, a very honest and open and fun person! Plus she's local :)

Taylor Martindale
An agent at Full Circle Literary who's looking for contemporary YA fantasy. No blog link yet that I've found to follow, but from her bio she sounds like the kind of person I'd get along with fabulously.

The conference isn't until April and wow I'm grateful for that. Still so much to do on the manuscript. And while I'm excited to meet so many editors, agents, and fellow authors, I'm going to be way out of my comfort zone come conference time (you mean I have to go over there and... and... introduce myself??). But I've never wanted something so badly in my life as getting this little novel published, so I'll do it. Countdown's started!

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  1. Keep at it! It's hard work but perseverance is key!



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