Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just 5 More Months...

What I'm reading now: The Shining, by Stephen King
Weirdest thing I saw this week: When you're running down your local bike path, you expect to see things like strange cycling outfits and families pulling those little buggies behind their bikes, sometimes with dogs in them instead of kids. What you do not expect to see is a medieval battle over a bridge. Full costumes. Swords. Wizard hats and wands. Stabbings and elaborate deaths. Oh and no, this was not on Halloween.

I've officially entered the 2012 Pikes Peak Writers Contest! Except results won't be in until mid-March. That feels like a long time to wait, but it'll be worth it. The top 3 entries in each category earn recognition at a conference that follows in April, but just getting back a critique from industry professionals (the judges are usually agents) will be well worth the entry fee. Because honestly, one of the hardest things about writing for me is just not knowing. How do I know if what I've written is any good? How do I know if I'm getting any better? What's still missing?

Though I will say, writing the synopsis for the contest made me realize my current ending, um, sucks. I don't explain enough, because I keep thinking "it's so much creepier if I wait to reveal why in book 2." Heck with that. It's time to get inside the head of my deceptive little villain and add some weight to the decisions made at the end of the book. So, as I go happily through my draft for revision 3,942,034,020,349,934, I'll be redoing the ending. Smile.

In the meantime, I'm curious if anyone else has ever been to a writers' conference or entered a writing contest? Or if you know of any others coming up soon in the Colorado area?

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  1. *smile* Polished. It takes a number of revisions to get that shiny ending. Never settle until it glimmers.

    I've actually gone to one of those medieval roll playing meetings. Interesting. Not for me.



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