Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey week!

What I'm reading now: Black, by Ted Dekker

Thanksgiving's almost here! Family, friends, and food is on the horizon, and even more shocking, I'm doing my first (and last) Turkey Trot. A local 5k, and yes, I'll actually be running. For the first mile, at least. Good news, it's supposed to be almost seventy tomorrow, which I am very much a fan of. Last year it was zero. Those of you who know me know I bring out a parka for anything under sixty.

On Sunday I finally finished my most recent round of edits. Now (only a month later than I wanted to...) I can set the ms aside for a few weeks. During the lull I'm supposed to keep writing and reading, so Mr. King says and so I will listen. In that spirit, I'm already ten pages into a new novel that's going much smoother than the first, probably because I kind of have an idea of what I'm supposed to be doing now. Another YA. No magic, persay, but does involve an 'other' world my main char will have to deal with. This one's set in present day so I'm having lots of fun adding in things like Alienware laptops and Metallica posters.

So I get to focus on the real world again for a while! Man, have we changed presidents or anything since I've been away? Come out with the iPad 6? Started the zombie apocalypse? I feel like I'm resurfacing from a tornado bunker I've been stowed away in for at least the past four months. Maybe I'll even do laundry this week. Or clean the house.

Or play Assassin's Creed: Revelations, because it just came out and obviously that's the best use of my time :)

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