Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing that you can Feel

I'm barely thirty pages into Stephen King's On Writing. The first half of the book covers his childhood and his journey to becoming a published author. Eh, probably boring, right?

So wrong.

The man isn't one of the bestselling authors of all time for nothing. I've already laughed out loud and gasped in horror. I squirmed in my chair when he described a doctor popping his ear drum. Everything he writes is so full of feeling. I'm completely immersed from page one, as though someone set me on that exam table with him and stuck a ruler-sized needle in my ear, too.

Now I've realized my first draft is like a movie script—the action is there, but the emotion is surface-deep. I show everything that happens, but I don't give a lot of insight into what my characters are feeling. So for draft two of the novel, that's what I'm focusing on.

What have you read that gets under your skin?


  1. All of the lyrics from the Indigo Girls read like poetry and drip with emotion....

  2. Very cool, I'll check them out - thanks!



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